This period of extended enforced isolation has really got me thinking about the future. Do I want to be chasing contracts in 10 years? Do I think that'll even be good work next year?
Independent development is a graveyard of failed solo studios but at least it can result in permanent artefacts rather than NDAs, things that can never see the light of day, & poorly defined contributions to huge projects.

@shivoa The idea of owning what I make and being able to return to the code, art, writing, etc years later to make changes, port to other platforms, or just freely share with others for learning purposes has a lot of appeal for me personally. It is sad to see companies treat old games and their development histories as disposable while they search for the next hit.

@shivoa I've been thinking along the same lines myself lately. The most creative periods in my life were when I was working part time (or not at all). Working a 9-5 job doesn't leave much space for anything else. So I've been seriously considering the idea of quitting to go chase contracts, and maybe start a Patreon for a bit of extra income, while writing and working on OSS projects etc on the side.

@shivoa I'm curious, how long have you been contracting for? How have you liked it?

@reedbeta On and off since PhD (about four years) but reaching the point where work via existing contacts is becoming rare without finding a niche to build a reputation (or area of specialisation that I find rewarding). Effective hourly rate can be harmed by time finding jobs (in global marketplace) & working conditions (even as a remote worker) variable + hard to guess before accepting job.

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