A TAA sharpening slider that goes from 0 = "actual TAA working as intended" to anything beyond about 4/10 = "you paid the rendering cost for TAA but you absolutely don't get to enjoy edges free of major aliasing". Who is using the upper 2/3rds of this scale? Shouldn't those options be hidden behind manually editing an ini file to unlock? The default setting (about 2/10) is quite telling.
[download PNGs to see through the jpeg mess of the online previewer]

@shivoa I thought for a year or more that my new at the time free sync monitor had the worst panel ever (it does have other artifacts due to free sync tech used) or that my eyes were getting totally shot

Turms Out that for some reason, the global 3D sharpening filter setting in the AMD catalyst control Center was set to 0.5 or so by default....

I can now play for more than 10 minutes again before my eyes get completely blurry, yay
*Long sigh*

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