Sat down, playing SW: Squadrons, and finding it very hard to get over the 3D briefings (vs big screen 2D cinematic cut scenes) having the floor about the right level but my avatar is standing up. Everybody is about 3'6" tall, including my avatar. The doorways feel about residential door scale yet characters walk through them with masses of headroom. But briefing room itself would be a huge empty void of a space if the "correct" size. None of this feels right.

Just caught the latest Digital Foundry video on Doom 3 PSVR & it's exactly the same as they note there. Every character, due to a scale issue, feels like you could reach out & squish their heads with your hand.
The cockpits have the same problem. Even when centred correctly, moving your head slightly can clip through the canopy because you're sat in a virtual space that's significantly smaller than it probably should be. No wonder there's no hand controller support, it would look ridiculous!

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