Been adding background trees to various Vytvalen rooms, here's one I did today :D

I'll add foreground trees later, but I think even like this the rooms look nice.

#gameDev #pixelArt #mastoArt #ScreenshotSaturday

It's #InternationalCatDay and we're feline great!

Help us spread some pawsitive vibes—post your purrrrfect projects below on this very special screenshot cat-urday! #ScreenshotSaturday #UE4

😻 @snackodev

Original tweet :

For the particle effects in this I was pretty heavily inspired by some of the effects used in D2 for Vex related things especially for the activation areas etc. (1/2)

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev

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(2/2) It fits really well with the general feel I'm aiming for although the visuals alone won't carry it when I put the sound in, that'll make it come together.

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev

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I'm coming to the end of the first graphics pass for and this is how it mow looks!

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev

But hey, I’m thinking tomorrow I might do a #screenshotsaturday thread and a devblog post for

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Help these games! ♥

Full Vid ◀️

A new collection has landed featuring some of the amazing #indiegames currently seeking crowdfunding with #Kickstarter. 💙

- 💜
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It's been an hour already... sorry but the will come back later.

The is over! Time to go back to work so you'll have something new to show next time. :)

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