(to be fair, the fault is probably of the Vs Chromium plugin, which is trying to index my files to absolutely no avail)

Well, great job, Visual Studio
(note: this PC has 64GB of RAM, those peaks and drops are about 4GB wide)

I have 3 screens.
I am playing Overwatch.
Someone writes me on Microsoft Teams.
What does Windows decide to do?
OF COURSE it minimizes the game and shows me the f--ing popup, what else could it possibly do??

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I merged the largest pull request I ever made github.com/nical/lyon/pull/334 (hopefully the last time I embark in a two years long rewrite of a side project)

If you like to turn vector graphics into triangle meshes in rust, prepare for a big release soon.

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🎉 🥳 A new version of godot-rust is now on crates.io 🥳 🎉

This release contains almost a year worth of new amazing contributions! Thanks to all the contributors and supporters!


Hot reloading is starting to pay its dividends in my toy engine development. This weekend I implemented a very simple in-game tracing profiler and iteration went really smoothly! (Note: I'm borrowing some assets from NT for the sake of testing :-))

I absolutely LOVE how Factorio devs regularly put out quality blog posts explaining very neat details of the development process under their game. Knowing such details makes me grow more affectionate to the game itself. I wish this were a habit for more games out there.
(This week's blog post: factorio.com/blog/post/fff-324)

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You MUST play AI Dungeon 2, a text adventure game run by a neural net.

@nickwalton00 built it using @OpenAI's huge GPT-2-1.5B model, and it will respond reasonably to just about anything you try. Such as eating the moon.


To any programmer out there:

please never name your method `empty()`.

Time spent developing my game: ~5 years
Time spent fighting with CMake on different OSes: ~999...999 years

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Cool that we're reached the point in the pro critic vs influencer to social media post divide that ordinary people mentioning that the new Pokemon looks (technically) one of the weaker games on the Switch is rallied against. The same week that pop-in & framerate drops in the new Star Wars game are front & centre in quite a few pro reviews.
"These fans use technical terms but probably have no idea what they mean" isn't a great response from critics who are also not devs.

Btw Fancy Zones doesn't look particularly convenient right now: lacks almost any configuration, is-alas- not working together with altDrag, saving/switching layout is not that comfy and reopened windows sometimes end up all overlapped on the same zone. I guess it can only get better with future updates if anything.

Instant new favourite utility on Windows: stefansundin.github.io/altdrag

I wonder if, when combined with FancyZones, it might almost make life as convenient as on Linux...

The P4V client has got to be my least favourite piece of software currently. Slow, rudimentary, clunky, cluttered with mess and missing (or hiding very well) fundamental features. I'm really considering migrating to purely using the CLI, but I'm not sure how practical that would be.

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