So satisfying to see a new trailer of the game I've been working on for the past years finally out to the world!

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I am a bit sad that everyone in the rust community seems excited about embracing and simplification of MSVC builds on Windows.

MSVC is a very non-free, license-restricted thing. It should be treated as a very last resort option when there is no other way to build a binary for a platform.

While on windows there are plenty of alternatives - msys is one of them, but doing what zig is so much better!

Windows stealing your focus while you're typing has gotta be one of the most frustrating things in computers.

Elden Ring's hands-down best innovation from the Souls series: quick-use item pouches

Protip for website designers: if you're planning to override some default browser keybinding such as Ctrl+K or Ctrl+F to provide some functionality of your own, just don't. It's a terrible idea.

I don't know what's more depressing: a web page taking tens of seconds to load a table with ~100 rows / ~30 columns, or people thinking it's "normal to take that long since it's a lot of entries".
I guess the first one: expectations of non-technical people about software performance is given by their daily use of software (which is for the most part total crap and embarassing slow).

("neutral" as in "doesn't start with preconceptions for either side", definitely not neutral in the conclusions)

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Useful video for whoever's interested in a neutral, rational analysis of cryptocurrency/blockchain

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Fucking hell, Dan Olson's deep dive take down on cryptocurrencies and NFTs is fantastic and absolutely worth everybody's time:

M$ Teams is so slow, inefficient in handling both text and media and unintuitive to use that if baffles me that companies actually use it. Aren't really there any good alternatives that do the couple of very simple tasks that Teams does but better? Or maybe there are, but companies just don't bother looking for them since Teams has "Microsoft" in its name so it "comes with the package" of all the M$ "ecosystem" (whatever that's supposed to be worth)?

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A bunch of drawings I made recently! slowly my characters are starting to have a place in my project. Very hyped

#mastoart #illustration #sketch #art #creativetoots

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A special holiday message and thank you from some amazing VR devs, and also me.

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So now Unity too is jumping on the NFT bullshit train, which is at once utterly pointless and a environmental liability. They have multiple open positions specifically about NFTs (blockchain, not Fourier transforms). Unity seems to be 100% buzzword share price driven by now.

This article is about one of those things I never though much about but nonetheless resonates a lot with me: "modern architecture is ugly and boring and doesn't need to be." So true!

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Finally finished all the steam checklists and the Fish Fight page is now live on steam:

Now I can finally show the video I worked on for almost the entire last month!

Change my mind:
in almost all cases, the visitor pattern is just the dumb way to do a switch on an enum.

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