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Today's threads (a thread).

Inside: Imperfections in your Bluetooth beacons allow for unstoppable tracking; and more!

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After 5 years in development...
My game EYE OF THE TEMPLE is out NOW on!

Doing any of the following would mean SO MUCH:
πŸ” Retweet & share
πŸ”₯ Step into the adventure
✍️ Leave a review after playing (this really helps a lot!)

Check it out:

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I helped get #Linux builds of this game off the ground (relatively light work thanks to OpenFL's existing support!). Closed Hands is a powerful and sometimes confronting piece of interactive fiction. I'm proud to have played a small role in its existence.

I am delighted to say that the director's cut of Closed Hands is now LIVE on Steam, for Windows, Mac and Linux!

to celebrate the launch we've knocked 10% off this week, please help us spread the word! <3

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Our game jam project is out \o/ This has been keeping me busy for a while.

A Game Boy survival game where you choose what you'll do each day as you try to survive a lasting darkness full of monsters.

Download the ROM, or play in your browser here:

#gamedev #GameBoy #gbcompo21

Not a US developer, but I think it's an universal truth that software patents are just a mistake.

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My VR adventure EYE OF THE TEMPLE hits Steam on October 14th!

Explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own body.
-πŸ”Š check out the new trailer I've been working on
-πŸ’™ wishlist on steam
-πŸ” every retweet so much appreciated!

The most sane way I know to handle it is a simple Angle struct saving its result in either deg or rad with "as_radians" and "as_degrees" methods/functions/etc. You then just construct the struct with `Angle angle = deg(90)` or `Angle angle = rad(pi * 0.5)` and pass it around like that with no overhead.
Makes APIs a lot nicer and code less verbose (and occasionally faster!)

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I wish all game engines used a strong type for Angle variables, rather than `float`.
Using a naked float means:
- you have to always append 'degrees' or 'radians' to the variable name
- you have to waste time every time you find an "angle" variable name that doesn't specify its units
- you sometimes end up doing more useless conversions, since you may find a function that accepts its angle in deg only but you already have one in radians, so both you and the function have to convert it.

An interesting occasion for anyone who wants to try but hasn't had the chance yet (I highly recommend trying it if you're in doubt!):

A depressing but sadly accurate thought by cmuratori about the present/future of computing.

I wish we didn't live in a world where Visual Studio can take more than one MINUTE just to set a breakpoint (let alone hitting it or - God forbid - opening the "Locals" window)

It's depressing to see how right and left only agree when they're both incredibly wrong on the subject at hand (green = voted in favour of ).
It seems that there are only a couple of parties in the EU parliament that both a) understand technology even a little bit and b) give a crap about human rights.
The future looks bright I guess.

Well, this is disappointing. Removing the choice from your players altogether when an incredibly easy and obvious solution exists to the problem addressed (making the "disturbing scenes" opt-in rather than opt-out) is a very awkward move. Why make your game worse for many people when you could literally satisfy everyone with no effort?
It leaves a bitter taste, especially since I liked Superhot so much when I played it, best VR game I've tried yet probably.

Great thread. Unfortunately I know very well how working daily with terrible tools on a painfully slow software is really detrimental to productivity and morale.

The Casey refterm saga continues (and possibly ends?):

I kinda hope not, these videos are so satisfying to watch.

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It feels great to at last reveal what I've been working on in the past 2+ years :)
Really proud of being part of this!

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