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There's been an incredible response to the Abortion Funds bundle- almost 500 submissions! Because of the number of contributions, we're now partnering with itch directly.

If you submitted work, you have an email with next steps. Or, submit directly here; itch.io/jam/indie-bundle-for-a

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Debbie Parker captured the exact moment a lightning hit a tree in Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia on June 23, 2022 [source: buff.ly/3A6G47h]

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I really hope it will happen, please guys! I made an interview with @Studio_Narrans@twitter.com for the @Scene_World@twitter.com to talk about , its challenges, its story and how it happened to be! scene.world/pointnclick twitter.com/Studio_Narrans/sta

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Having fun at @GameCampFrance@twitter.com with @JambonBurst@twitter.com 🌞

My try to be the new marketing face for @PlaySteelrising@twitter.com >:D

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Ich kann es noch gar nicht fassen, aber es gibt jetzt ein Game mit meinen Bildern 🥳. Es ist der Wettbewerbsbeitrag von @jujumagoe@twitter.com, ihrem fleißigen Team der @uni_tue@twitter.com und mir für den Hackathon @cdvbw22@twitter.com 🏆. Heute ist Präsentation und Preisverleihung im @LMWStuttgart@twitter.com 🎉

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Cool @deathloop@twitter.com talk by @DanaENight@twitter.com at @GameCampFrance@twitter.com!! ❤️

Beer with @VanlaereCharly@twitter.com @bcoquellegd@twitter.com ❤️

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Hey twitter,
Tokotoko, the game I've been working on and off for the past year, is out in five (5) days o_o !

To celebrate the incoming release, I'm starting this thread about the artistic direction of the project o/

Here, one of the key arts of the game

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Free fans at @GameCampFrance@twitter.com to make sure people get enough cool air ❤️

Very cool take about AI for Game Design (and the danger connected to it) by @pyrofoux@twitter.com at @GameCampFrance@twitter.com

Note: The workshops seem to offer a better diversity. I read 8 men, 7 women, 1 non-binary. ❤️

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