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I didn't know about the tag, sorry! Properly this time:

Hi I'm Steve, and I...
...wrote a long time ago
...wrote Sourcetree more recently (now Atlassian) now using Unity to (finally) write my own games, with my wife who does the art

Good to meet you!

Unity tip: you can change the script on a component (useful if changing subclass without losing values for example) by switching to debug mode:

Participating in game jams has taught me that I *can* recapture the breakneck coding speed and apparent super-productivity of my youth, but a) it wipes me out for days after and b) the code is just as “works but bad” as those days and needs to be thrown away. Then I don’t feel so bad about being “slower” now.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of building a tutorial mode in Washed Up. This was another one of those things no-one tells you takes ages even though it seems really simple!

I can't stop making these; tutorial now recognises whether something's an axis or separate buttons to prompt more sensibly. This is keyboard, 360 and PS4 controller dynamically switching

Plugging / unplugging 360 and PS4 controllers on the title screen \o/

I do dynamically switch between keyboard OR controller prompts beyond this point (not both) as input is received, but this is to hint preference & try to avoid wrong default prompts later

Bloody hell, first time I've ever plugged a PS4 controller into my PC (borrowed one from a friend) and my button image system only bloody worked first time 😶

Here’s the game my wife and I made for over the weekend: kind of like Missile Command but crossed with Pandemic, free on

A few months ago I wrote a subsystem to map game actions to button images for controller/mouse/keyboard, with nice things like updating itself when primary controller changes (e.g. wiggling a joystick), inlining with TextMeshPro text. Now I finally need to use it in earnest I'm like:

Response from Unity is that the lighting issue is fixed in 2018.1 beta. I’ve asked for the fix to be backported to 2017.3 though since even though I’ve worked around it, it’s a nasty bug that’s hard to catch in dev unless you have an old Mac or deliberately test in GL, and the versions before and after don’t have it.

Also hoping to shoehorn in a use for the newish Tilemapper at GGJ which I haven’t played with yet. Not sure in what context though, guess we’ll see

Updating my template for GGJ2018 and I’ve added Cinemachine; haven’t used it before but seems to cover the things I’ve spent time writing custom follow cameras for in the past, just a bit slicker. Nice

Looks like the package manager that has been hinting at is more than just that, it also manages your Unity installs and has templates to start your projects from~

Follow up to Unity 2017.3 lighting bug in surface shaders: out of time to blog but I’ve uploaded a simple repro to GitHub with an explanation: and reported as a bug.

Right, I’m going to pore over the generated code & blog about this, but the upshot is that in Unity 2017.3, if you emit normals manually in a surface shader, you better do it in a vertex shader and not in the surface shader. If you do it in the surface shader OpenGL 3.3/4.1 renders black (Metal and DX11 are fine). Definitely a change from 2017.2

Argh, just discovered that updating to Unity 2017.3 has broken the lighting on a couple of shaders, but only on an old MacBook Pro running a 330M (newer MBP and couple of Windows PCs are fine). Build with 2017.2 is totally fine. That’s going to be a fun Monday job

@sinbad yeah, all the time. Any prefab that has child gameobjects will corrupt randomly if you change properties on a component in a child and save from the child and not the "top" level of the prefab.

I ended up breaking nearly all the prefab links in Lumo before ship because of it. Been like that since 4.3

Is it just me who finds that when using prefabs for Canvas elements in Unity Ui (just to get them out of the scene file, maybe that’s a bad reason) that it can mess up a bunch of the properties randomly? Had a few that just kept getting screwed up until I gave up & broke the prefab link

Looks like I’m having one of those “everything’s broken whyyyyy” Fridays 😖