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I didn't know about the tag, sorry! Properly this time:

Hi I'm Steve, and I...
...wrote a long time ago
...wrote Sourcetree more recently (now Atlassian) now using Unity to (finally) write my own games, with my wife who does the art

Good to meet you!

Mycroft releasing more details about their upcoming personal server, which will allow all text and speech processing to be done locally rather than on a remote system.

"The Mycroft Personal Server - Starting the Conversation"

@sinbad Miguel recently said it's 50 user reviews (from Steam purchases):
I think I heard there was a $sales threshold (but can't remember who I heard it from & almost certainly that's not confirmed by Valve).

Wondering how much activity is required on a game before Steam takes off the "Steam is learning about this game" limitations, like game ownership & achievements not appearing at profile level. I know they're trying to decrease the impact of trash like achievement-fountain 'games' but it's a bit harsh on the rest of us.

So...Washed Up! is out NOW 😎

Scratch that block-arranging itch with a our environmentally-themed puzzle game, the first from our husband & wife micro-team. 20% discount in launch week!!

Please Boost :)

Let's start getting people to say "Factory Game Development" with the same negative connotation that the say "Factory Farming."

Steam seem to be purging everyone's cached logins quite frequently in the past couple of weeks. I wonder why?

Less than a week until Marie & I's first game launches for Windows & Mac!

Washed Up hits the spatial tidying and shape arranging part of the brain, the blockothamlus:

Boosts appreciated!

Just found the first (I assume) malware site pretending to be a free download of our game, and we’re not even out for a week. I guess we should be happy to be noticed?

Always knew this sort of thing was a risk, but here it is at scale: grain-of-rice sized backdoor chip added to Supermicro motherboards at manufacture in China. Targets: Amazon, AWS, government. Incredible reporting

I’d frozen the version of Unity I was working on at 2017.3 (had a breaking problem in an earlier rev) but something happened that made me worry about potentially having to upgrade to the latest LTS on short notice if I hit a problem in live. So I bit the bullet and tried an upgrade to 2017.4.12 today, 2 weeks before shipping

It seems to have worked flawlessly. I am highly suspicious 😒

One of the projects I worked on this year is out! :)

It's Notable Women, an AR app coming out of a collaboration between Google Creative Labs and Nexus Studios.

I was the only fulltime developer on the mobile app, so the code is 90% me.

I’m at that age where someone thanks me for something (reference material not in the thread) on GitHub and I genuinely don’t know if it’s something I just don’t remember writing, or whether they at’ed the wrong person by mistake

I just uploaded version 1.0.0 of Washed Up!

There will be patches before launch day (which is good, v1.0.3 feels much more reassuring than v1.0.0) but this is the first build I've felt I could legitimately put that v1 prefix on. 🍾

Steps to shipping any product:

- Everything feeling really stable, finally happy to prep the big red ship button
- Set release date and start doing marketing
- Immediately find 16 new bugs in an hour

Camtasia needs replacing anyway, it's more for making tutorial videos for software (that's why I bought it originally), I just didn't have time to muck about learning anything else this time and it just about sufficed. I guess next game we'll have to get on the Premiere train to do nicer things. 😐

Had a really weird bug with our launch video: played fine everywhere except Steam Big Picture mode, where the audio was slowed down by about 25%. YT, Steam web / non-BP was fine. Weird transcoding issue it seems, but it kept happening.

Solution was to re-encode the video with HandBrake. Must be some option Camtasia was exporting that Steam's transcoder didn't like.

Right that's it, we're officially launching Washed Up! on October 16th. Eek.

Launch Trailer:
Wish list on Steam:

Most importantly: DON'T PANIC (written in nice, friendly letters)

I thought I had a pretty good idea of gamedev (having done gfx bits before) but actually having to do all aspects of it now increases my respect for the things actually good gamedevs manage to achieve. I'm really pleased with how far we've come in the last 18 months & that we'll ship a game we'll be proud of next month, but holy cow the air gap to super-professional indies is still daunting.

15s of trailer left to do. I'd get on a lot faster if I didn't stop to tweak the pretties on little things no-one will notice but I regret nothing

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