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I didn't know about the tag, sorry! Properly this time:

Hi I'm Steve, and I...
...wrote a long time ago
...wrote Sourcetree more recently (now Atlassian) now using Unity to (finally) write my own games, with my wife who does the art

Good to meet you!

My earliest gaming memory is standing on a milk crate to play Blue Shark (1978) because I was only 5 and couldn't see or reach the controls otherwise

One of my favourite useless gaming facts is that the progenitor of Super Sprint was Sprint 2, which was the first one in the series. Sprint 1 released a couple of years after Sprint 2. The 70s were weird.

See you at Rezzed this weekend! We don’t have a stand but if you see us wandering around, please say hi! Happy to show you our game if you like 😊

I don't know if other games bother with this, but you can play our game offline and it'll still save any high scores it can't send until next time you're online, because you just *know* that's when you'll have your best run. Encrypted obvs so at least not trivially exploitable

My hobby: assuming that other people *must* have solved a glaring problem and therefore I must find a way too, without actually checking

- Wow this is a pain, how do other games handle it?
- Read threads bitching about popular indie games having empty or non-existent leaderboards when bought on GoG
- Oh

Beginning to realise I'm trying to solve a problem most games don't bother to (unified leaderboards whether you're on Steam, GoG, Itch etc), and why they don't bother to πŸ€”

Having spent ages this week sorting out edge cases with player profile management just for leaderboards I can see the attraction of just leaving it all up to Steam et al

It still feels like quite early days for Nakama, there are gaps (like you can't page backwards in leaderboards, only forwards), but I'm submitting PRs to help fill them and the team is responsive. And it's so any I wrote would be very similar anyway, might as well share

I've posted the second part of my blog series on setting up a game server using Nakama on Google Compute Engine:

Our T-shirts have arrived in time for us to be walking billboards at Rezzed next month πŸ˜‚ Marie's first time designing silk screen shirts with limited plate colours, think she did well πŸ‘

Just published the first entry in a new blog mini-series: Setting up a game server with Nakama on Google Compute Engine
If this interests you, let me know! Part 2 is in progress already but beyond that it depends on interest

I told Marie I'd put the announcement live and her calm, measured response was: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" πŸ˜‚

Our tiny little first game "Washed Up!" is coming soon! πŸ˜€

Marie and I are increasingly happy with it and will be walking around Rezzed with a copy in a few weeks.

Oh and hey, nice golang workflow: hacked a server change on WSL locally, then sent that built copy directly to Google Compute Engine (same arch), one binary deploy. Cross-compile is easy in Go too but such a nice simple path

Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy:

I've submitted 2 PRs to Nakama already this week, one for the Unity client and one for the server itself, separate issues but both related to tightening security a bit. Nice to give back and to know you can hack on your infra when you need to

Completed proof of concept for basic player profiles & leaderboards with Nakama, running everything locally on WSL. I like it so far. Next up is trying to run it on Google Cloud Platform, which I've never used before. What could possibly go wrong? 😜

Added a bullet point to Future Game Project 32: "Somehow beg Mitch Murder to do the soundtrack (lol jk, no wait srsly)"

No *you* just wasted lots of time swearing at Wireshark because you forgot Windows doesn't capture loopback packets via normal interfaces, unlike macOS