Above all, seek help. Even if you just need a light ssri or occasional therapy. Talk to someone. Don't wait. There are lots free services online, books on guided cognitive therapy. Being open and emphatic will help combat stigma and I don't want people to go thru what I did.

Also mental health treatments are SLOW. Antidepressants can take a month to start making a difference, therapy can take ages to make an impact. If u have an issue, start treatment asap and be patient. Be willing to change doctors. Support people you know who are going thru this

... That inhibited how my body absorbs medication, making me need higher dosages than normal of a lot of common meds. Another psych aggressively pushed hospitalization and I discovered the facility they were trying to send me to was one they owned and profited from.

Of course, stigma makes this much more difficult. Especially when it comes from medical pros. One psych I saw got frustrated with my lack of response to an ssri and refused to go higher range with the dose. Next psych ordered a DNA test to discover I had a genetic anomaly...

5+ years and many specialists to figure out a med plan + tons of therapy and a hospital stint to stabilize enough to function (Im on buspirone, fetzima, lithium, with propranolol or Xanax for occasional panic attacks). Suffering isn't a virtue. Get help.

It took me years of suffering to find a medication regiment that made life livable. No one should have to push back against stigma and ignorance to get the medical care they need. No one should have to suffer untreated depression and anxiety.

I'm formally submitting these complaints to the void:

1) preparing files for print is hell on earth.

2) my neighbors are skittish narcs and 2 separate people went into 'call the cops' mode re: me teaching @waddledoocantoo@twitter.com to drive stick shift up and down the street after dark.

The car our friend gave us after @WaddleDooCanToo@twitter.com ruined his in April bit the dust earlier than we expected. Now I'm teaching him to drive my manual so we can share it. If you have coin, Khajit has wares (there's pwyw stuff too)


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It's my birthday today, and my games are discounted by my age in percent for the whole week. Buy my games!

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While the whole F*easts CR fiasco leaves me with some complicated feelings on the matter, I am really glad they decided to forward the money they raised to help exploited farm workers. I think at this point that was probably the best choice to mitigate fallout.

Hey, we might not be an ethically void mega corporation running a questionable ad campaign but we have for you too! Check out the COLLUDIUM ONE bundle for starters and show some indie game designers a little love!

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If you like to support indie/small press games, specifically tabletop/live action RPGs, then please check out the COLLUDIUM ONE bundle, which features 15+ games and supplements from (I think) 15+ indie creators.


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@GMTimD@twitter.com Oh yes yes yes!

My fellow conspirators and I have put together a bundle of small press indie games!

You can pick them up at:

They're both about $40 for 15+ games from 15 creators! What a steal!

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Hey @kickstarter@twitter.com we loved using your platform for Stromgard and want to use it more in the future! We want you to voluntarily recognize @ksr_united@twitter.com so we can operate in good faith that KS employees are protected by more than a mission statement

Right now, we're currently waiting on POD proofs to finalize that whole ordeal and I'll probably make an "official" timeline/goals list for the backers at that point...

⭐ Make the Kickstarter adventure modules available to the public for a low cost
⭐ Distribute GM Screen files to backers + make available to public for low cost
⭐ Make another adventure module (I have notes for this but its pretty far on the back burner for the moment...)

Stromgard's getting close to wrapping up for reals, here's what's on the menu:
⭐ Set up Print on Demand for physical books
⭐ Offer physical books through Itch.io until our stock runs out
⭐ Update the PDF already available to reflect minor typographical changes

Last month a different angry baby called me a communist fuck and mimicked shooting me while I was at a stoplight.

Man, ive seen some offensive bumpers stickers but I never acted like a hysterical toddler over it lol Β Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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