@WaddleDooCanToo@twitter.com 21c. I'd like to do this forever but we're kind of gambling with our pittance nest egg so idk lol?

@WaddleDooCanToo@twitter.com He quit his job last year. We're living off of our 401ks to make games and give Lost Duchman a chance at being sustainable. When we run out of $, we'll have to get adult jobs again and that'll be the end of that.

21. Money. I had basically a nervous breakdown in 2015 after about 7 years of functioning with major anxiety and depression. Quit my job, struggled day to day. Have a lot of serious talks with @WaddleDooCanToo@twitter.com about our future and sustainable levels of contentment...

Once per long rest I can make a ball of pizza dough and a few extra caravans of supplies...

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If you were a dnd adventurer... what would your abilities be?

Type: "once per long rest I can..." and let predictive text finish the rest.

"Once per long rest I can understand why you have a problem" πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

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20. I want to make a trope-y anime ttrpg that really tightly fits a strong subgenre like sports, idol, or fantasy/academy anime so that play/characters are mechanized to go through all those tropes over the course of a campaign. Not confident of its popularity tho haha.

19. Favorite themes: Self empowerment vs entrenched structures, anarchy/self preservation vs order/altruism (these things aren't necessarily opposites but their chemistry is fun to play with), recklessly pursuing good, accepting weaknesses/limits... idk i have weird tastes

The interior art has been completed for Wyrd of Stromgard!! I am absolutely raring to finish laying out the manuscript! It looks so good!! Ahhhh a thousand thanks to @goyagoat@twitter.com for being so rad!!

18. *frame. I know that its twitter and all but my kingdom for an edit feature. :<

18. Underlying messages: boy howdy, subtly is not my greatest strength. Also my material is all over the place in terms of scope/goal/story so no coherent messages will stretch over all of them. Mostly I want people to love the fantastic and the irl narratives that frames it

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going to open timeslots for All My Exes are in Mechsuits at tcaf tomorrow. watch this twitter

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Everyone's talking about their fave ship dynamics and i know nobody asked but my fave is whatever Tatsu and his wife have in "Way of the House Husband". Scary, tough person devoted to someone kind or patient enough to move them.

17c. Also in Stromgard, I emphasized the jotun desire for autonomy and freedom from divine rule as a call out to my own feelings of rebellion against the status quo. The jotun situation is pure fantasy but I've always been interested in the independent social structure narrative

17b. In Stromgard, I explored different values and gender presentations in different fantasy cultures as a way to talk about my struggles with gender performance and my desire to decouple my physical appearance with my persona.

17. I struggle with mental illness and labeling my gender identity. I have passionate feelings about fighting systems of oppression. I think these heavily inform the kinds of stories I want to tell.

16c. Idk, there's no escaping that environment plays a key role in creating. its the backdrop that informs the rest of the creative process!

16b. My immediate working environment, my home, my relationships, my mental state are the crucible where my things are made, i guess. My environment can be seen in everything i make... my depression, our desert biome, passing obsessions, even @WaddleDooCanToo@twitter.com 's interests, ...

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