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For anyone who missed it; I made a solo game called EGO that's about writing an epic tale of adventure and heroics while hopefully learning to love yourself a little better. Its $2.50 and I think it's p good.

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This is an awesome TTRPG/game resource!!

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You Can Now Use 375,000 Images from the Met Museum for Free trib.al/QwX65Tz

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Not game related but Jeremy made homemade egg tofu today and I'm just gonna eat it out of the pan like some kind of raccoon goblin

Maybe I'll make a cool graph later but shipping/fulfillment might be the hardest part of running a kickstarter so far. Planning the project + running the campaign had a lot of sleepless nights but shipping is nervewracking.

Chomping at the bit here waiting on the last bit of distribution stuff to wrap up before we start shipping Wyrd of Stromgard to backers. Our distro partners have been super helpful to work with so far so its really just a waiting-on-int'l-transit game right now.

I put Ded Moroz (Russian Santa, basically) in Monster Roster V2 and my search history looks like i was desperately trying to dig up receipts on Santa to get him cancelled.

but THEN i had to buy a brand new tree to replace it and that was like 1k on its own (i did get a big-ass new tree though) and then bought 2 more mature cacti at like 230$ a pop... plus delivery from the nursery and an extended warranty... oi vey

okay so i have a 24ft eucalyptus tree in my front yard that died cause its hotter than hell outside, my HOA sent me a nastygram about it and now i gotta pay 500$ to get it cut down and pulled up and all that.

you guys being an adult is so stupid. I'm unemployed and just spent almost 3k on landscaping very much against my will.

I wrote a 1 pg rpg that plays with only GMs and no player characters (called 'GM's Night Out' lol). I'm thinking about submitting it to a zine or contest but I'm not sure where to start. Yall got any suggestions?

Are you a Wyrd of Stromgard backer? Check out the Discord for a rough draft version of the second stretch goal Adventure Front "In the Shadows of Giants".

Feedback is always appreciated!

I don't really have a JOB TITLE
but I spend a lot of time in PHOTOSHOP and INDESIGN
I get really angry about CURRENT HAPPENINGS
but most of all I hate it when people tell me to LOVE AMERICA OR LEAVE IT
son do you know how hard it is to get a WORK VISA outside the US

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god these are fantastic. i want to make one that's like
i drive a HONDA
if you don't like it

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Playing Fire Emblem: Three houses this week and while I have critiques about some stuff I'm overall having a lot of fun.

Monster Roster II: Arctic Anomalies is coming soon! Fill your DW campaigns with more unexpected, under utilized monsters based on real-world lore! Vol 1 can be found:

Itch.io: bit.ly/2VfShib

DTRPG: bit.ly/MonsterRoster

On a related note does anyone have experience making games in Table Top Simulator? I can't figure out a good way to add a page of rules to the game.

If anyone has some free time and 1-3 friends I need playtesters for a card game I am working on. You can play it in Table Top Simulator.


funfact: Nina won't eat 99% of cat treats but she will lose her mind and try to violently cuddle you if you use any soap/lotion with lanolin in it.

Smoke Stack/Cooling Tower Weezing is 100x better than KISS Zigzagoon. That poor weasel :<

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