Working on water and plant tiles for my space farming sim Paraspora!

Played and enjoyed It Will Be Hard, a diverse and gentle story about a relationship that made me sniffle happy tears

I've been trying to avoid reccing too much on Steam but as far as I can tell that's the only place to buy these games for PC.

I've played and enjoyed Amnesia, and enjoyed what I've played of Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. They're all pretty conventional "set female protagonist with male love interests" but well liked for that genre.

Dissembler is a well made, fun puzzle game about flipping coloured squares and is currently 75% off:

Really enjoyed Braincross, which plays around with the structure of picross in fun ways

zblip has a bunch of other fun games along the same lines, but I liked Braincross the most.

And yes I *am* playing and reviewing other indie games to procrastinate working on my own, but have *also* been doing research by reading Persuasion and finding bits to steal for the Northanger Abbey game.

I didn't get very far into Fragments of Euclid before my brain melted but the experience of walking around inside an Escher drawing was really amazing and the puzzles seemed intriguing from what I saw

Played and enjoyed the free puzzle/exploration game Sunbeam. The plot (contained in little messages) is ok but a bit depressing, and also unfinished, so I'd rec just playing the puzzles.

I mean I probably wasn't being SUPER efficient with those 565 lines. But still! IT'S SO ELEGANT NOW.

The new LayeredImage structure in Ren'py 7.0 took the number of lines required to define our most complex sprite from 565 to 20

Recompiled an old Renpy game into the latest version, 7.0, and it was even easier than I remember it being under 6.9. Also a useful way to procrastinate on actual writing/coding/art >.>

While it was broken I went back to Fire Alapaca which was nostalgic but also frustrating. So many tools I've gotten used to!

Clip Studio broke and I fixed it! It kept selecting the Move tool any time I took my pen off the tablet. I tried updating CSP, nope. What worked: turned off tablet touch support in my Mac settings, removed the "Move" shortcut in my CSP settings. (Other solutions I saw offered were for Windows)

Here's a screenshot of me testing out a new placeholder sprite style for Copper Rose, using dejinyucu's free sprite
Agustina as a base:

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