Sometimes people ask "how can you release the game with this bug, do you even test?!"
Introducing... the FPS uglifier! (only available in internal builds)

It forces @beamng to suffer wildly inconsistent framerates, forcing an entire category of bugs to become more noticeable.

Note to self: I should revisit the artifacts happening on replay playback for loose vehicle parts due to interpolation.

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What if Michael Bay directed a parody of his own work. And, and then, a 10yr old Michael Bay traveled from the past! And parodied the parody again!! And all the boring stuff was cut from it!!1!
No need to imagine, these masterpieces can exist with @beamng:

It's amusing to find that, just like lots of people IRL, these modern AI text-to-image datasets also have no clue whether a BMW 1-series should be RWD or FWD.

Shower thought: text-prompt-to-image is already awesome. I wonder if humanity has created enough movies from scripts and novels, that we could train AI weights for ebook-prompt-to-movie.

Of all the ways to warm up cold rear tires, this was one. A blip of extra throttle to 360 out of the way, then continue like nothing happened. "Just like the simulations"

Decided to verify the power consumption of some stuff at home. But quis custodiet ipsos custodes? A second monitor, that's who. And it's saying 2 watts, more than I expected.

If anyone knows of a better terminal emulator with tab support for Windows, please let me know!

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If typing quickly under high cpu workloads, @ConEmuMaximus5 with git-cmd keeps randomly reordering my keypresses. This leads to results like "gitimc omt --am" instead of "git commit --am".
I've sometimes typed the same command 10 times, typing slower each time, until it works.

RT @tom_forsyth
@edenaraura We got rejected because our save-game was too quick, so you didn't have time to read "Saving... please do not remove the memory card." So we had to artificially make saving a game take longer, just so you could read the message telling you not to do a thing you actually could do.

I know DALL-E's language abilities range from atrociously useless to non-existent, but I had to try.

"An english transcript of a conversation between Albert Einstein and Jesus Christ discussing the determinism of throwing dice"

Over the years I've noticed the more you speak english, the more you're rightin brakes. It should of improved, but its now slowly becoming full of come on native-english-speaker mistake's.

3/3 Why would the driver claim 573 buttons in that joystick, why would one need that many?

Luckily several dozens of the alleged buttons were labelled! Some examples:
- "Order Movie"
- "Police Alarm"
- "Climate Control Enable"

My guess is legacy/reused code. But still, wow.

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2/3 A recent noteworthy example was this weird "keyboard". The keyboard has a touchpad and, in a corner, a thumbstick.

The drivers claim to feature:
- 1 kbd + 1 mouse
- 1 gamepad with 5axes + 10buttons + 1pov
- 6 joysticks: one of them with 573 buttons; the rest just empty(!)

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1/3 Working on the input system of, I'm forced to deal with all kinds of hardware.

Manufacturers out there come up with really crazy hardware, and equally weird drivers for them.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe"

Quick @CyberpunkGame review: 80hrs played in 12 days, I hadn't binge played this hard since... school?

Granted, the hellish heatwave has contributed to chilling at home, but CP2077 is *really* good, with bugs and all. I'll probably replay at some point.
(graph from @AppPlaynite)

Ended up with my left knee bleeding at the racetrack last weekend. It means I had 1) too much fun and 2) no bucket seat.
If you know, you know.

As a BMW driver, I'm so proud of this tip I added to the @beamng loading screen some years ago. I giggle every time I see new users noticing it \o/

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