Started playing Sekiro, and... it's not what I was expecting! I thought it was basically gonna be Uchigatana focused Dark Souls, but there's a lot more going on than that. Neat!

It's a little bit of a pain, but I recommend it to other new mastodon users - here's the basic guide:

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I've imported my follower list and I think my migration is finally working! Yeah, Mastodon works *much* better when you're not on the default instance - I can actually read my feed now and things work like you expect.

On Monday evening I finally sent out the translator pack for the big new DLC I've been working on. really excited about people finally seeing it, I'm super proud of my work on it 😭

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well, let's see if image uploading works on this instance... no... wait, yes!

Ideally less of my feed would be about the process of setting up my Mastodon account, sorry! Teething issues!

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Oh, hmm - seems like the migration has moved my followers, but not my follows? So I'm currently not following anyone 🤔

Do I go ahead and start following people again, or is this one of those things that'll sort itself out in a day or so?

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