Does any one here have good references/articles about architecture/patterns in games?

Something like

There's lots about specific areas, like engine code/AI/graphics, but I'm interested in more general day to day stuff - like unit tests. Patterns to make regular old code less buggy, but still performant and relative to games....

Unity hot tip - want to create a new instance of a scriptable object in your project? Use this tag:
public class MyObject : ScriptableObject

No more need for custom editor scripting just to add your asset to the create menu

Tons of food for thought in this analysis about the supposed "indieapocalypse". Great stuff in there.

My two favourite Windows utilities: WinDirStat and Everything.

Save my butt on a very regular basis... the last time being just a few mins ago

@WelshPixie Hello! A person I know! 😄 Uh, as someone who joined like less than an hour ago is it a good idea to start again from .social? Or do you just make accounts everywhere?

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Curious to see how this shakes out

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