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#Mastodon makes 100000 times more sense than Twitter ever did once you start using it properly

I have been trying really hard to get inside of to compile using all the keywords they use while loaded into a scene. But the results of asking Unity to gather the keywords for me seem wildly inconsistent. 🥲

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Just so new people know, #Mastodon is not normally slow!

There has been an incredible number of people joining recently, which has caused some growing pains.

As the server admins adjust to the new numbers, Masto should get back up to speed :blobcool:

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Sooo... wow... okay a lot of people shared the previous post! Welcome again to all the new members!

It might be good if I clarified how Mastodon works, as some people think they need to sign up on multiple servers etc.

Short version: You do not need to sign up on multiple servers! Don't have FOMO! One server works fine!

Longer version:

Mastodon is a federated network, which means it's made of lots of independent servers that talk to each other.

And... everyone uses federated networks all the time! You probably use them so much you never even think about it 😮

Telephones use a federated network, so does email.

You only need one phone to call anyone anywhere. It doesn't matter if they're on another phone company or in another country, because all phone companies are federated together into a single network.

That's how Mastodon works. You get an account, and you follow people you're interested in, and they appear in your timeline. It doesn't matter if they're on another server.

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