“A compromise? You have a lot to learn about true evil, Nic. It doesn’t have horns or breathe fire. It is reasonable and sensible and will tell you it is only doing what it must. The ends justify the means. The goal is worth the sacrifice. There is no other way, you see? It may be evil, but it is the better of two evils. The lesser evil. And you will believe it because they believe it.”

Finished this painting a month or so back, held off on uploading because I wanted to get some other things done related to it first before I went and showed it off.

This mostly came up as a desire to make something refined featuring Sahiim again, and to do some more complete stuff in Clip Studio again.

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I was working hard for this moment for 3 years!

Ladies and gentleman. My first game is now available on @steam_games and #NintendoSwitch !!!
Thank you very much guys for your constant and huge support! You are great!


#gamedev #indiedev


i completely stopped being interested in mathematics when somebody told me the practice of mathematics is about proving whether stuff is true or not. why would i want to do that??? prove something is TRUE?? why do it?whats remotely appealing about that?? what dweeby pedantry! what pretentious wonkery!! doing all that work, just to find out whether something is true?? even the greatest mathematicians have nothing to show for their life's work other than a bunch of measly answers!! what a waste!!!

there's this site kanopy.com that's like a netflix for libraries? like, you sign in with your library card and you get some credits each month to stream movies and the selection is full of amazing stuff

seriously, check it out

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> Ever use one of those fancy color palette generators? The ones where you pick a starting color, tweak some options that probably include some musical jargon like "triad" or "major fourth", and are then bestowed the five perfect color swatches?


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