Extremely happy to see @KTTunstall@twitter.com again! Had my Acoustic Extravaganza LP signed!

Waiting for @KTTunstall@twitter.com! (@ Teatro Liberdade in São Paulo, SP w/ @thaismoret@twitter.com) swarmapp.com/c/8qsQ2PEuc6D

We're happy to introduce the Code of Conduct that will now apply to all community platforms, for users and contributors alike.

We've been blessed with a well-behaved community so far, but it's time to write down our values and expectations.

The internet is a big place. Learn to treat other people with respect and politeness.

Why is it such a big problem to state that we don't want those assholes hanging around?

They should be the ones to learn how to interact with other human beings politely.

So for people who are constant target of attacks and are already in a fragile state, you shouldn't say that they need to "learn to deal with the internet".

No, we should stop the assholes from harassing other people in the first place. The burden must be on the attacker.

I've seen some people talking about the "No Code of Conduct". That the "internet is a big place, you should prepare yourself to deal with it."

It looks ~cool~, but there's a big problem: it put the burden on the victims of the harassment.

I'm so used to i3wm that it's hard to use Windows again.

Is it weird if the song stuck on your head is one you composed yourself?

Just learned about Pratt Parsers and my mind is blown! Thanks @munificentbob@twitter.com for giving this knowledge gift journal.stuffwithstuff.com/201

FYI I solved it really fast by updating all packages and reinstalling GDM.



RT @KTTunstall@twitter.com

@vnen@twitter.com See you in Braziiiiiil!!! 🇧🇷❤️🙌🏼

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KTTunstall/status/

Technically summer has passed (both there and here), but considering all the issues it's a promise fulfilled now that it's confirmed that she'll be here in my hometown (São Paulo) next month.

I love her and love her songs. Can't wait to see her live again!

This day last year I had the opportunity to see @KTTunstall@twitter.com live in San Francisco. I told her how her songs make me feel and asked when she would come to Brazil. She told me about the challenges of doing it, but also said "maybe next summer". She's such a cool person!

Wow, I was already looking forward to see the TV show. Now with @KTTunstall@twitter.com I can't miss! How can this get any better?

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