24h with no power, isn’t that great? And at least a couple more if the forecast is correct.

Daí que minha conta ainda está suspensa e por isso não consigo pegar o boleto pra pagar a fatura do @MercadoPagoBR@twitter.com (que vence amanhã). Liguei para o SAC e não resolveu. Daí aposto que vão querer me cobrar juros se eu não conseguir pagar por causa disso.

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Legal que o @MercadoLivre@twitter.com suspendeu permanentemente minha conta nível 6 que tenho há quase 15 anos só porque eu... comprei um produto à vista com o saldo do Mercado Pago. Aparentemente isso é contra os termos e condições do serviço... (cc @ml_ajuda@twitter.com)

Surprised that K.K. takes part in the group stretching but more surprised that he's so off rhythm

Apoiem esse projeto de quadrinhos nacional: Terapia volume 2


Excelente trabalho de @robgordon_sp@twitter.com, @mariocau@twitter.com e @yellowsubmarina@twitter.com

Tem opção de pegar os dois volumes pra quem perdeu o primeiro.

Wasn’t Web 3.0 supposed to be the “semantic web” about 15 years ago?

The problem with Animal Crossing is that it is very easy to become a daily chore, which stops being fun. Added to the fact that I don't have friends who play to trade recipes/items, it starts to be boring.

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One part of me wants to play the update of Animal Crossing, the other realizes I haven't played for almost a year and isn't sure if I'll keep playing for long.

I guess this works for all multiplayer games: I would be more interested if I had friends to play with.

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It seems none of my followers play Pokémon (or maybe they don't need the code?).

I probably would play more if I had friends to play with.

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Do any of my followers have Pokémon Sword and need a code for the shiny Zamazenta mistery gift?

I got codes for both but I only have Shield, so I can give it to someone else.

And here is the whole thing! It has a cable for the guitar too and a few “picks” (one of those attached to the headstock).

Took me pretty much the whole day to assemble but it was worth it. The set is pretty cool and quite faithful to the real thing, even in internal parts.

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