First thing that happens after you plug it in is to download an update for the console. The second thing is to download an update to the controller. Modern gaming in a nutshell

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Continuing the Zelda Mini Quest from last week. Quite an impressive romhack! Let's if I can figure out how to beat the boss that stopped me before.

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Following up: Every time you see a hard rule like this ("always" do something, "never" do something), don't take it literally, because that's not the point.

Instead, try to understand why this rule is being stated. Then you can tell when it's okay to break it.

Show thread Had a really good first impression. My fighting skills are still lacking the story seems to be deliberately confusing (like it gives you just pieces of a puzzle), so I don't understand a lot yet. Graphics and sound are great.

I'm enjoying and will play again next Wednesday.

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Today I'm playing a game made with ! Resolutiion is an action-adventure game made by

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My latest work was to add a test suite for the implementation (thanks for porting to doctest). This should help ensure that regressions aren't re-introduced over time and make the language more and more stable.

Back again with ! I feel like I'm close to the ending. Will I be able to finish it on this stream?

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Did I spend the Easter weekend writing a new toy programming language? Maybe...

Playing a new romhack today: The Legend of Zelda - The Mini Quest (you didn't read wrong, it's really a Zelda-themed SMW romhack.

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Missed yesterday's stream so I'll be playing today instead. Not sure how close to the end I am, will I end it today?

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Today I keep going on my run of Quickie World 2 (an romhack).

Let's see how far I can get, watch me playing live on now at

More often than not, when I hear someone is being "cancelled", the status quo didn't really change and the person still has the same benefits as before.

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I might have misstated this. I would agree that there is some groups of people going on witch hunts, which is not a good thing in general.

However, the "cancelling" itself doesn't really exist. Nobody gets "cancelled". That's the main point I'm trying to put up.

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There's no such thing as "cancel culture". Boycott has existed for quite a while and it makes sense to stop having business with people whose behavior you don't align with.

If lots of people find the behavior unacceptable, the problem is really not on the "lots of people".

Watch me live now to see if I'll be able to figure out how to beat this room in . Not sure why this is so much harder than the rest, I must be overthinking this...

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Ah, it's just my test cases being too simplistic... That makes more sense.

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