I have to say that the DualSense controller is quite interesting. The haptic feedback and adaptive trigger are pretty cool.

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Almost there! Let’s help making this a reality!

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24h left to a successful ! 🐷❤️💀

Did you know, that you can upgrade your pledges to a higher tier? And there are also some very special ones left. For example, you can honor someone by giving them a digital tombstone in the game!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/spindleDev/status/

On other news, this arrived today. Difficult to play with motion controls with the arm still sore from the shot, but I had to try it out since I’ve never got the chance to play the original.

This is pretty cool. Especially since it's pretty much a portable PC so you're free to install other stuff besides Steam.

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Introducing Steam Deck: powerful, portable PC gaming starting at $399. Designed by Valve, powered by Steam. Shipping December 2021.

Learn more at steamdeck.com and reserve yours tomorrow.

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The Switch XL looks great

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Meet the newest entry to the family! Nintendo Switch (OLED model) brings the versatility of the Nintendo Switch experience with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, and more. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) releases on 10/8.


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I want to say that, all in all, it's still a new open source game engine released with a permissive license. It's good to have something like this available.

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I also find it funny that they mention AAA and right after they say it could be embedded on cars/healthcare devices. Because sure, your Tesla computer can run AAA games.

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Aquela música romântica dos coaches: "I got my mindset on you" 🎵

TBH even on the web version it's hard to read the replies to a tweet, but at least you can see them.

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Is it my impression or Twitter is crippling TweetDeck?

I seem to miss notifications, not all replies are shown in a thread, and lately I also have issues playing videos.

In these cases I have to open Twitter Web to view stuff, which sucks.

One other thing: GDScript currently has no code optimization. That's probably the bigger issue with it. So if you're not careful you might be writing slower code than it should be.

A "loop-invariant code motion" would do wonders to some programs.

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As I mentioned: CPU-intensive tasks might become an issue. That's why we'll focus on improving GDScript performance.

Currently, making a C++ module for those tasks is easy if you're already somewhat familiar with the language. twitter.com/JamesC01_/status/1

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This, of course, doesn't mean that performance won't be improved. In fact, after Godot 4.0 is released, we're gonna focus on researching and implementing options to make GDScript faster.

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So, unless you're doing CPU-intensive tasks, such as generating content on the fly, GDScript will most likely be enough for you, even in its current state.

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Some people say that GDScript is "too slow". While it's true that it is slower than the popular languages, I would say it's rarely the bottleneck in a game.

In my own (admittedly short) experience optimizing games, rarely (if ever) the issue was GDScript.

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