Traveling sure is nice, but it’s oh-so tiring 🥱

In 2018 I got to feel the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Today I dip my feet into the Mediterranean Sea. I wonder if I’ll be able to repeat this gesture in other places.

Had a great afternoon with going up Tibidabo to see the city from up there.

Just arrived in Lisbon for my connection. I wasn’t able to sleep on the plane at all, will definitely be super tired today

One thing that sucks when traveling is waiting in the airport

Following up with this feature from, I've added to support to use % directly in GDScript, without needing the quotes, so you can use the shorthand syntax for unique nodes.


Okay, finally got around to implementing this PR, which aims to solve a common problem in Godot scene system.


Here's 4.0 alpha 8!

Two weeks more of progress, including the merge of Text-to-Speech support! (Not used by the editor for now, but you can use it from the DisplayServer API.)

Also a lot of internal changes and bugfixing.

I just discovered will have shows here in Brazil...

..on dates that I won't be in Brazil 😢

Elden Ring is an abusive relationship.

It keeps beating you up and you think it's your fault. You don't want to let it go because it's pretty. You convince yourself that it's gonna get better later, the beating will stop. But it never does.

Before anyone says I should add comments, the code in question does have a comment and it makes sense. It's just that I don't see how the code could be doing what the comment says.

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Trying to understand code that I wrote years ago and it doesn't make sense to me.

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