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George Marques

I put part 3 of my racing car tutorial online for , enjoy :)

Is this how you fully use a CPU?

I made a simple prototype this afternoon. We may use it to showcase Godot during RMLL. :)

Adding a special comment to ignore the next warning of a given type. Just so it doesn't bother you when you're aware of it.

Here are the results of the !

Over 100 games to play, and the best-ranked ones are definitely worth checking out!

Trying a warnings list for GDScript

Interesting talk about Xbox Live Creators program

Here we are again. Seems like there's a lot of kids today

I know that type-hint syntax and tooltip are not the same, but it looks clearer this way.

It's also the same as the current code and how it looks in the docs.

GDScript completion refactor is coming along nicely.

Trying a zero-code animated tile map in . It's not the best usability, but it works just fine.

Just showing off a bit of typed GDScript

The current completion system is quite a complex machine to do all the inference. I still don't understand fully how it works.

It'll stay like that, since typing is optional, but likely it can get some improvements.

I'm really digging the static typing in GDScript (at least now that I'm mostly done with it).

Code completion is getting quite better in .

So @godotengine got 15K stars on GitHub. That's a bright sky!

When GDScript knows you might not be returning in some code path.

This Guy Found a Workaround to All Bugs, Software Engineers Hate Him! 🎉

GDScript is now becoming quite smart.

(Need to improve the wording in the error messages though).