This will tank my productivity for a while but hopefully it will be good for my wrists.

Need to tone down the validation, but this means type inference is starting to work properly.

This is interesting read. Not much different from standard (which also have been criticized for lack of modern C++ and no use of stl).

RT wrote a great post about the Defold engine code style. It provides some much needed background and answers a lot of the questions we've received about the lack of modern C++ features in the Defold source code.


Se a vida real fosse um roteiro de filme, ninguém ia aceitar esses clichês se repetindo.


A primeira foto é de 19 de março de 1964. Mostra uma das marchas organizadas pela classe média que protestava contra o perigo da esquerda, e que foram decisivas para o golpe militar que rolou pouco mais de 10 dias depois.

A segunda foto é de hoje.


This is in my backlog for some time but I finally typed up an initial proposal for add/improving accessibility features for games in the

Fico pensando se o povo que votou nulo/branco realmente acha que com o Haddad ia ser pior...

And then there's those who use a robot that not only closes but locks threads. So I found an auto-closed issue that still happens, but I cannot comment on it...

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I know it's hard to maintain a tracker with too many reports made from old versions (I work for after all). But you should at least try to ask the user to reproduce in a newer version. It's fair to then close if there's no reply after some time.

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Interesting when issues in an open source project are closed for being "too old". I guess the bug died of old age.

This is crazy How come review a video *4* times and still take it down again based on reports? Even considering the potential legal reasons they use to automate takedowns, it makes no sense that this can happen.

I seriously hope a competitor can rise.


I was blackmailed! Any creator you love could be next! need to fix this!


The moment when you're trying to understand why some code isn't working, only to realize you never compiled it...

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