I have to say that I did automate the hatching process, but curiously I went to look exactly when this one hatched.

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That is super cool! Congratulations!

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I'm very happy to announce that has been awarded with an !!
Thanks a lot @EpicGames@twitter.com for everything! It's amazing that you support tools in this way! And thanks to everyone who contributed with laigter!

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Good thing that I have no Switch friends to push me into starting it.

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I want to play but I'm so unproductive already that I fear that after getting the game I won't do anything useful.

"Hey, take a look at all of the exotic food!"

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oh my god, the chicago aquarium closed due to coronavirus, so they let the penguins run around and check out the other exhibits. (staff was present.)

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So, @gsoc@twitter.com student applications start today. If you have interest in applying for @godotengine@twitter.com, take a look at our new post with some tips to write a good proposal: godotengine.org/article/studen

Grandes chances de rolar uma GodotCon São Paulo oficial em Julho. A ideia é que venham pessoas de outros estados também. Se você tem interesse me avise!

Still, I was able to touch trade a Zacian with a random stranger in the internet and get a pokédex entry

I wish I had friends who played Pokémon.

Though for that I need friends i general first.

Need to buy a new monitor (actually two), but it's super hard to find a balance between resolution, refresh rate, and price (especially down here in Brazil).

In my previous job I said to the recruiters (more than once) to post a job opening specifically for a female programmer. Unfortunately, even after saying they would consider, I don't think they ever actually did it.

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please if you are a male dev looking for a job, care about what teams look like. ask how many women devs there are. ask how many women are on the leadership team. normalize this. care about this.

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