wake up in the morning and write down the three things that you most want to get done that day.

Nothing you actually end up doing that day will be on that list.

I always end up thinking of ways to make my stuff more complicated. XD I'm thinking that for about 2/3 of my desired plugins, I could actually get away with using the existing GraphEdit and GraphNode nodes, rather than creating all new Graph-related GUI nodes. But I might still make it anyway since it would be useful for other things. XD

I've been working on trying to add a graph GUI to as well as implementing a graph data structure. If all goes well, there are tons of new plugins that I'll be able to make:

- graph based quest editor
- graph based dialogue system (like Twine)
- in-engine UML diagramming tools for auto-documentation generation
- systems / mechanics designer using in-engine Machinations diagrams.
- a Git tool that shows branching paths in the editor.
- all sorts of great UI plugins.

Well, I just spent the last couple of days fretting about how I would need to completely re-implement how something in works in order for a skill system I've been working on to operate properly. With a bit of refactoring in my skill system though, I've now realized that I don't need to change anything at all, and therefore don't need to wait for 3.1 to come out before I start. Yay! (wasted a bunch of time though)

I haven't been on here in quite some time, so I'm happy to see it's still alive and kicking. Should hang out here a bit more often. 😃

Are developers supposed to be the primary creator of Issues on their own GitHub repositories? lol I dunno if that makes me weird, talking to myself in publicly viewable chats.

I'm kind of surprised at how much extra work I've felt the need to put into the Godot Inheritance Dock even after I published it. I mean, I've had a bug or two, but I keep on doing new features and usability enhancements to it when I kinda thought it would be finished by now. I suppose it's to be expected with any release though (this is my first "real" thing I've made, so it's a new experience for me). I can feel it getting close to perfect though. Only 1 more GitHub issues left out of 12!

Hey folks!

I'm looking for someone to make some music for my little painting game. So if you're available, or maybe know someone that is, just let me know.
Naturally I would pay you for your work.
I would also really prefer to work with someone who isn't a straight, white (cis) dude.

I've been a little inactive as of late because I'm moving. I finally got into the new place and there's still a lot to do, but I was able to get my plugin for 3.0, an Inheritance Dock, published! Let's you open/edit/create, extend, and instance your scenes, scripts, and resources. Check it out!


YouTube demonstration:

@noshyaar lol, oh man, when I got that email of you reporting a bug, I was like, "Why am I getting this email? I don't recognize this issue. Was I cc'd? No....what? Oh, WAIT. This is an Issue for one of MY repositories.

I am almost finished with my Inheritance Dock plugin for ! The initial feature set is all there. Just gotta fix some visual and importing glitches.

Just released fragmental on stream. Its a fun local multiplayer twin stick shooter. Would really appreciate a retoot or two. :)

#gamedev #indiedev #games


Hej mastodon

I'm writing an article about social media in 2017. I guess some of you have left birbsite for good. If some of you would care to give me short (and quoteable) statement "why" and "why mastodon is better", you'd make a journalist very happy.

Of course anon/pseudoymity is no problem. German prefered, but english is fine, re-toots are appriecated.

Have I mentioned how obscenely easy it is to make changes to 's scripting API? Ugh, I love it! Just added a function to the plugin system so that users can open the "Add a Script" dialog window. SO many possibilities~

After having re-worked the underlying implementation of the Camera class's scripting API, I can safely say that I think Godot's scripting engine is ridiculously easy to use and follow. So much easier to understand than Unreal's C++ scripting!

It's literally just mapping strings to functions, and "properties" are just a paired getter and setter function attached to another string. Then you can customize the class-wide set/get/get_property_list functions and/or conduct property validation. O.o

For any artists out there: Ryan Green from Numinous Games (of That Dragon, Cancer fame) has plans to open a twitch channel, NuminousGamesLive, and use it to host a 3D modeling show called "Render Sketch Show" where people model content together to develop each other's skills. Maybe give it a shot? Tuesdays, 3pm Central time.

Oh wow! I've been added as an author for ! This feels like a momentous milestone in my programming career somehow. Is it weird to feel pride for something like this? I mean, I guess it's natural to be credited if you make PRs to the repo at all, but I don't know how often contributors have to be involved to make it onto this list...Still, it feels awesome! XD


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