I replayed Prince of Persia (2008). It got me thinking whether that game's ending, which so many people talked about, has been followed up in the past ten years of game design. blog.zarfhome.com/2019/01/prin

Thoughts on IGF finalists that I had mixed reactions to: Unavowed, Genital Jousting, Hypnospace Outlaw. blog.zarfhome.com/2019/01/2019

Musings on what kind of game _Extrasolar_ was. (Still is, but it's shutting down at the end of the month.) blog.zarfhome.com/2018/11/four

Restless released in EctoComp: blog.zarfhome.com/2018/11/rest -- an Emily Short game built on SpiritAI's Character Engine. I built a bunch of the underlying engine logic for this style of menu-based game.

Recommendations? Basically I am a junkie for Carbon Based Lifeforms. Is that cool or does it make me a massive poser? I grew up on folk music, I have no idea.

There, I bought some stuff on bandcamp to support their "voting is important actually" fundraiser.

I have crossed the Rubinomicon and started replacing my script's instances of "##" and "##" with actual names that I just made up.

Best wishes to everybody now plummeting out of Telltale. And man... it's too soon to be sunny-side about this... but I hope this results in a dozen Oxenfrees and Firewatches sprouting over the next couple of years.

Sux about Telltale Games. I did not get into their new-model Walking Dead genre games (Sam&Max forever!) But they never wavered from their commitment to big narrative-centered games, and I appreciated that the industry had that.

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