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Andrew Plotkin

A twitter hashtag is going on about four games that influenced you, and hey, I can post the images here too.

Missing moments in games: investigating key moments in _Everything_ and _El Shaddai_. (Way big spoilers.)

My comment on Slack's recent announcement about their XMPP/IRC gateways. They are making a mistake.

Cyan announces Firmament, posts a trailer video. I don't know anything more than anybody else but I have a blog so I might as well speculate some.

I am aware of the Asymmetric/CampoSanto party, the "Made In MA" party (since I live in MA), and "The Other Party". Latter two can be found at

Is there much of a GDC-going contingent here? I am casting around for stuff to do which is interesting on the indie/narrative front.

I posted an entry to the Manifesto Jam: . It is small and goofy.

GAMES ARE fur-bearing. GAMES ARE NOT the blockchain.

Heck, maybe I should just procgen enough manifesto to sink a boat.

A friend pointed out the Cheap Art Manifesto which is also appealing.

Maybe I'll just scream incoherently for thirty seconds and run the audio data through a Life simulator.

I keep trying to think in terms of a manifesto for the Manifesto Jam (, but I just wind up re-reading Captain Beefheart's Ten Commandments and feeling like there ain't nothing else to add.

My favorite games of 2017: Gorogoa, Cinco Paus, Universal Paperclips, Night in the Woods.

Thanks to everyone here who helped me out.

Jason Shiga's Meanwhile is now available on Steam and Itch.IO! And surprise DLC bonus comic: The Case of the Missing Science Project!

Great writing by Bruce Dawson on the 360's CPU: "it’s still nerdy cool to see solid proof that instructions that were not executed were causing crashes."

More IGF comments: Tacoma (briefly), The Sexy Brutale, Reigns: Her Majesty, Getting Over It, Water Tastes Like Wine.

I haven't looked at keybase in while, sigh.

I don't currently have the right stick hooked up to anything.

When you're browsing, stick/dpad/arrow-key movement is purely geometrical -- it ignores path directions. I figure that people will just hold the stick down.

(When you're playing, purely geometric stick movement always works. But moving in the path direction should *also* work, even if there's a bendy path. Making all that work was fun.)