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Andrew Plotkin

Announcements: Heliopause is up on sub-Q (, and I am involved in an upcoming Twine anthology piece called Memory Blocks (

Since Slack is turning off their XMPP/IRC gateway tomorrow, I had to write a minimal command-line Slack client.

I'm not sure what the use case is that this aids, but if it's your use case, enjoy.

I have taken a step towards something-or-other by adding my (main) blog's RSS feed to

Blog post: keeping an eye on the Myst kickstarter. (mostly of interest to Cyan nerds, but I mention some other recent kickstarters at the end.)

A twitter hashtag is going on about four games that influenced you, and hey, I can post the images here too.

Missing moments in games: investigating key moments in _Everything_ and _El Shaddai_. (Way big spoilers.)

My comment on Slack's recent announcement about their XMPP/IRC gateways. They are making a mistake.

Cyan announces Firmament, posts a trailer video. I don't know anything more than anybody else but I have a blog so I might as well speculate some.

I am aware of the Asymmetric/CampoSanto party, the "Made In MA" party (since I live in MA), and "The Other Party". Latter two can be found at

Is there much of a GDC-going contingent here? I am casting around for stuff to do which is interesting on the indie/narrative front.

I posted an entry to the Manifesto Jam: . It is small and goofy.

GAMES ARE fur-bearing. GAMES ARE NOT the blockchain.

Heck, maybe I should just procgen enough manifesto to sink a boat.

A friend pointed out the Cheap Art Manifesto which is also appealing.

Maybe I'll just scream incoherently for thirty seconds and run the audio data through a Life simulator.

I keep trying to think in terms of a manifesto for the Manifesto Jam (, but I just wind up re-reading Captain Beefheart's Ten Commandments and feeling like there ain't nothing else to add.

My favorite games of 2017: Gorogoa, Cinco Paus, Universal Paperclips, Night in the Woods.