I realise nVidia are far from neutral in pushing their NPU for gaming, but I do wonder what's coming from weird experimental neural-net-driven visuals if it catches on beyond DLSS (assuming other vendors will offer Tensor Core equivalents by the end of the year, including in consoles).

@shivoa Studios might be able to use such visuals to show a game character's mental state. The shimmering painted backgrounds in Braid were memorable, perhaps something similar could be done with neural-net effects providing gradual transitions as a level scrolls.

@thetrakynia Ye, I think there's so many paths there based on feeding it your basic (maybe white-box level) rendered output & then whatever you want it to generate. Maybe needs acceptance that the result may get weird so make that part of the user experience.
DLSS is subtle & specific (train a net per-scene/area rather than per-game for best results?); neural style transfer is very generic & high impact - there's a middle-ground to really poke at.

@shivoa I've not worked with the techniques myself but I imagine you'd want to reign things in for most games. 'Turning the knob' on the weirdness as a player gets farther might be appropriate for something with a horror theme of course.

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