‪I’m giving a microtalk on game design today, a topic I can chat about nonstop. High points y’all think I should hit?‬

@patrickmcurry I'd love to hear some concepts on designing in-game goals / missions / quests in a way that encourages players to creatively use all the gear / weapons / abilities / toys you've given them throughout their play.

@kezzbracey This is a fantastic topic to dig into. Zelda and Metroid do this better than almost anyone else, but there are some great examples...

Halo 1 spoilers 

Halo 1 spoilers 

@kezzbracey I'll ask if I'm allowed to share a recording. If not, I'll post a summary afterwards! 😀

@patrickmcurry That'd be brilliant. I've been thinking on this topic lately and some insights would be much appreciated.

@kezzbracey Here’d the summary of my introduction. I didn’t get to dig super deep into encouraging variety, but I’ll try to write down more notes on that topic soon.

@patrickmcurry Awesome, thanks!

It's good timing for me to read, as until now I've really just been working on skilling up enough to dev solo, and I'm now about to create my first comprehensive game design in advance of production. Trying to get a good solid theoretical foundation to underpin my design.

@kezzbracey Glad to hear it! Folks shared lots of cool links on those other _dreaded_ networks too.

@patrickmcurry :)

I do watch a tonne of YouTube, especially GDC talks, but I've never taken to Twitter like I have been to Mastodon. It's nice here.

@patrickmcurry Specific ways in which game design, as a profession, is functionally distinct from just "having ideas" is a topic near and dear to my heart, after 15 years of working with _so_ many people who don't seem to recognize the difference.

@invicticide Yup. It's a tough topic, because I'm a firm believer that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. But there's also a discipline and skillset to implementing, testing, and iterating ideas to the point where they turn into fun gameplay.

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