UK market: 80% of console/PC software revenue is digital (and grew 20% YoY); also corresponds to a -30% YoY drop in pre-owned game revenue (now an absolutely tiny fraction of total economic activity). More details:

I'm starting to wonder if revenue figures are hiding an eroding (unit sales) market. About a decade ago (also well into a console cycle), example release day deliveries (from major retailers): Fallout 3 Collector's (lunchbox tin) Edition: £35. Halo: Reach & 2100 "free" MSPs: £38.
Today, top sellers for digital downloads on the front page of PSN: Sekiro: £60 (~$80). BF V Deluxe: £80. The Division 2 (std ed): £60.
Cumulative UK inflation in that time: 25%. Wages have not matched inflation.

@shivoa and VR hardware supposedly down approx 21% - surprised me.

@jakob Early adopters satiated, not many upgrading already, mainstream still skittish (UK didn't have as many sales events as US for PSVR; Vive prices still inflated vs US). Don't think I've seen any excitement for those cheaper Win10 headsets here yet. Must work out to at least 150-200k extra headsets sold in 2018, not terrible for a smallish country.

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