Here is my TOJam 2022 dev thread! Follow along in the game making adventure (or mute it because you aren't interested). This weekend I'll be building a ~fishing game~ for the first time and trying to match the theme "That shouldn't be here." The official start time is 10:00am but putting together a Trello board doesn't count as starting, right? As per the last 2 years, the target audience for my jam game will be my wonderful daughter. Last year I made her "Robot Garage" and before that, "Meow Meow Eat" It's safe to say that this one will also be mouse/touch controls.

It begins! Let it be known that I'm largely copying the Breath of Fire 3 fishing mini-game, but with touch/mouse controls. I will likely not have time for the fish reeling "fight" features, and end up simplifying that part, and making it easier.

You can now catch - or fail to catch - fish! That's the bare minimum gameplay loop 🥳 Now to make it read well, look good, and add in a bigger loop.

Getting closer to all the core feature stuff being in. Hoping to use as much of Saturday/Sunday as possible on art!

Some cleanup and refactoring so I don't get stuck later. Also added terrain! That's all for tonight.

@ryanmiller nice! For some reason this made me want to have fish for dinner today. What are you developing this game in btw? 🙂


@sigsegv fish is tasty! This is being built in Unity :)

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